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8 Simple Health Habit Changes

You could start living a more satisfying life now by trading up to healthier habits. What are these healthier habits?

  1. Swap your car for the bus
    • Taking the bus is better for the environment
    • The walk to & from the bus stop contributes to your daily exercise
    • If you want to increase your fitness further, try taking an earlier bus & get off a stop or two before you have to
    • If you don't like the bus or can't do this, you could ride a bike. This is also good for the environment

  2. Swap the scales for a tape measure
    • Because most weight-related conditions, such as heart disease, are related to abdominal fat, your waist measurement may be more helpful tool than knowing how many extra kilos you might be carrying.
    • Canadian researchers found that having a normal waist measurement reduces heart disease risk, regardless of your weight or body mass index. Women should have a waist measurement less than 80 cm, while for me, it should be no more than 94 cm.

  3. Swap Friday drinks for an after-work movie
    • Going out for a drink straight after work is not the best way to mark the end of the week, because there is a tendency to let your hair down & drink more than you should
    • Another alternative to an after-work movie is team sports.

  4. Swap beer or a soft drink for wine
    • A glass of red wine may be good for your heart.

  5. Swap the TV for cultural activities
    • A Swedish study has found that taking part in intellectual or cultural activities lower the risk of Alzheimer's disease in women.

  6. Swap an indoor pool for an outdoor one
    • According to a Belgian study, children who swim in an indoor pool are more likely to develop asthma than an outdoor pool. The likely explanation, according to this study, is due to lung irritation from gases released when chlorine meets human urine & sweat in the pool

  7. Swap a recliner chair for an exercise ball
    • It's better to sit on an exercise ball than slouch on a recliner chair
    • Exercise balls encourage better posture & you can also do exercises on them

  8. Swap car air freshener for spicy cinnamon scents
    • A study from Wheeling Jesuit University in the US has found that the scent of cinnamon reduces fatigue, increases alertness & lowers frustration
    • If you don't like the scent of cinnamon, researchers also found that the scent of peppermint does the same job & it also reduces anxiety

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