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How to Sneeze or Cough Correctly

Most people do not realize there is a correct way to sneeze or cough. Watch this funny video to learn how to do it.

As the saying goes - If you treat a cold, it will last seven days. If you don't treat a cold, it will be gone in one week. This is typical for a upper respiratory tract infection (commonly known as an 'URTI' in medical-speak).

If this is the case, you will find that you are most likely to sneeze on the 1st day of your URTI & this will decrease through the week (although it may not seem like this to you!).

About 30% people with URTI also experience coughing. If this is the case, you're most likely to start coughing on the 3rd day. How long your cough will last is highly variable. For example, this could range from a couple of days to a week or even longer, depending on other factors.

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