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4 Psychological Health Benefits of Yoga

Photo courtesy of Fiona Ayerst.


In modern times, yoga is widely recognised as a form of exercise & stress management.

For a healthy & balanced approach to life, yoga uses movement, postures, breath, relaxation & meditation.

4 Psychological Health Benefits of Yoga

  1. Increased Happiness Yoga stimulates a release of serotonin in your brain, the natural chemical which is referred to as the body's feel-good hormone. You will feel a natural lift & elevated happiness levels.

  3. Calming Effects Breathing techniques in yoga allows you to take your mental focus off your face-paced life. This relieves stress & tension, reduce insomnia caused by your inability to 'switch-off' before going to bed. You also learn to be calm & in control during times of stress, giving you the capacity to face up to life's challenges.

  5. Reduced Anxiety & Depression Yoga also reduces symptoms associated with anxiety & depression, as well as anger & hostility.

  7. Improved Productivity & Mental Awareness Your concentration, focus, memory & reaction times are improved. This can make you more in tune with yourself & the rest of the world around you.

Getting Started

To achieve all the benefits of yoga, it is recommended you practise at least 3 times a week.

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