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How To Detoxify?


When people hear the word "detoxification", the commonest reaction is "there are no 'normal' foods left for me to live on if I detoxify". This is commonly untrue because most of the world has lived and continue to live happily and healthily for the last few thousands of years on the diet that I'm going to give you. The following detoxifying diet is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine:-

Foods you cannot eat:-

§  All food that is not completely fresh. This includes dishes which have been precooked, chilled and then reheated
§  Food which has passed its used-by date.
§  Yeast-containing products, for example, bread. However, you may consume unleavened flat bread such as pitta.
§  Wheat products - If it contains more than 50% wheatflour, you can't eat this. However, if the bread you would like to eat contains 50% or less wheatflour, for example, multigrain bread, this is allowed.
§  Sugars, honey and artificial sweeteners.
§  Dairy products.
§  Soy Milk.
§  All fruits, dried fruits and fruit juice. Lemon juice is ok. Note that it is fine to consume fruits, dried fruits and fruit juice only during a fast.
§  All meat.
§  Shellfish.
§  Preserved or fermented food, including pickles, vinegar and mushrooms.
§  Foods that contain colouring, preservatives, packaged and food from convenience stores, foods grown with pesticides. So, all foods containing an "E-number" are disallowed.
§  All Alcohol.
§  Caffeine-containing products, such as tea, coffee, chocolates, fizzy drinks.
§  Drugs that you are able to go without (please seek your doctor's advice regarding this first).

Foods you can eat:-

§  Food that is eaten must be freshly prepared
§  Vegetables
       Any type of vegetable is fine
       Eat as much as you would like
       No more than 50% of the vegetables you eat should be raw
§  Wholegrains
       Wild rice
§  Beans, seeds, pulses, lentils, nuts (but not peanuts).
§  Fish (but not shellfish).
§  Eggs (up to 1 or 2 eggs per week).
§  Oils (flax, hempseed, olive, walnut, sesame).
§  Rice milk.

Good eating habits:-

1.  Eat a wide range of food.
2.  Eat organic food if possible.
3.  Eat slowly. Chew each mouthful thoroughly.
4.  Eat whilst seated on a chair at a table.
5.  Do not slouch over on a sofa or go to sleep immediately after food.
6.  Eat only when calm, not when you are busy, stressed or upset.
7.  Drink warm water or green tea if you would like to drink with food. Do not drink cold fluids with food.
8.  Do not eat chilled foods or those which have come straight out from the refridgerator.
9.  Eat until you are 2/3 full. In other words, do not eat until you completely or over-full. This way, there is enough room for digestion to occur.
10.  Always eat a good breakfast and lunch. Eat only a light dinner before 8 o'clock at night.
11.  When cooking, use good oils instead of butter.
12.  Do not heat oils above smoking point.
13.  Store oils and nuts in the fridge. All oils should be organic and cold pressed.
14.  Use only organic sea salt.
15.  Do not use black pepper during cooking. Add this to your food after cooking is done.
16.  Add superfoods to your diet.


§  Most people do not drink enough of the right kinds of fluid.
§  Aim to drink around 2-6 pints of fluid each day.
§  The following drinks are the most suitable to drink during a detoxification diet
       Green or gunpowder tea, single flower or leaf herb tea (or mix herbs to make your own combination)
       Filtered water (change the filter monthly). 'Purge' your tap before refilling filter jugs in the morning, by running the water for a minute first. This will get rid of any water that has been contaminated by metals in the piping.
§  Drink raw juice
       Do this for one whole day each week of the program
       Starting at 8 am, drink 1 tumbler (1/2 pint) of fluid every hour until 8 pm, alternating between juice (carrot or apple, same one each day) and water (see above)
       Add juice from half square inch of fresh ginger to every other glass of juice

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