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What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy that was originally designed as a path to spiritual enlightenment. In modern times, it is widely recognised as a form of exercise & stress management.

Its ultimate aim is to create a union between mind & body, for a healthy & balanced approach to life.

To achieve this, yoga uses movement, postures, breath, relaxation & meditation.

The following video is a short introduction to yoga:-

Lunar Yoga Sequence for Beginners, presented by AcaciaFitness

The elements of Yoga

  1. Pranayama The science of breath control. It is believed that the mind can be mastered through control of breath

  3. Ujjayi Breath This breathing technique creates a sound which resembles the ocean waves. It is used to stabilise the mind.

  5. Asanas These are the postures used in yoga. Postures are important in yoga as this allows your body to feel perfectly comfortable for long periods of time to achieve true meditation. If this is practised regularly, Asanas can improve flexibility, strength & tone.

  7. Meditation The more Asanas (postures, see above) you can master, the better you will be able to develop good meditation techniques.

  9. Dristhi This is the point you focus your eyes on during yoga, such as the nose or the navel. The reason for doing this is to allow you to stabilise your mind.

  11. Bandha This means 'to lock'. The most important one is the lower abdominal lock, achieved by pulling your stomach towards your spine.

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