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Which health element are you in Traditional Chinese Medicine?


Traditional Chinese Medicine was derived from observation of the complex processes of the human body over history. Yin-Yang and the Five elements make up this system. Because it was developed in an Agrarian society, much of the description of the functions of the body was described with agricultural imagery. The organs were described as though they were the emperor and his courtiers, the flow of energy was described as though it was water flowing through the body, the lungs were discussed as though they were the clouds and the intestines as the irrigation system.

Which element are you?

The nature of an Earth person is to nurture and nourish. He or she is generous and will often extend to taking on the cares and worries of others, sometimes excessively. If so, this nature will transform to smothering, obsession and oppression.

Recommended foods: If you are an Earth person, you are recommended to consume grains such as rice and barley, vegetables such as carrots, squash, parsnips, fruits such as red apples and pears and warm spices such as ginger and garlic.

A Metal person is protective against harmful influences. If excessive, this can translate to isolation from human contact. Its hardness can be both harmful and useful. It can be beautiful or cruel. Metal is concerned with correct behaviour and virtue and quick to respond to injustice and injuries.

Recommended foods: Root vegetables, grains, pears, seeds and nuts, pungent spices such as black pepper.

A Water person can be isolated by their inner nature, and this can cause fear about what the future may bring. He or she is wise and has strong will-power.

Recommended foods: Naturally salty food such as celery and fennel, seaweed, warm fluids.

A Wood person is directed with a clear vision. He or she has an expansive upward energy which can be used gainfully. However, if used wrongly, Wood people tend to direct their energy against themselves.

Recommended foods: Green vegetables, fish, red and orange root vegetables (such as carrots), olive and sesame oils, green tea

A Fire person is uplifting who tend to be natural leaders, inspiring those around them with their clear articulate nature. He or she tends to be happy and excited. If his/her energy is poorly maintained, this can lead to mental overactivity and too much talking.

Recommended foods: Oily fish, dates and longan, herb tea made from flowers, vegetables with bitter leaves such as endives.

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