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Definitions of Some Common Diets


Vegetarians exclude meat (and offal), fish (and shellfish) and poultry from their diet. Within this group, there are subgroups of people who may also exclude eggs and/or other animal product (for example dairy and honey) from their diet. These subgroups include lactovegetarians, ovo-vegetarians, lacto-ovo vegetarians & vegans.

A lactovegetarian also eats dairy products and honey but not eggs. An ovo-vegetarian also eats eggs and honey but not dairy products. A lacto-ovo vegetarian eats eggs and dairy products & honey.

In contrast, a vegan does not eat dairy products, honey or eggs, so no animal products of any sort.

Other common diets include:-

  Macrobiotic - diet which is made up of whole grains and beans mostly. Some macrobiotic diet practitioners also eat fish, so they do not strictly fall under the vegetarian group.

  Fruitarianism - a diet consisting of only fruits, seeds & nuts and other plant material. The important thing here is plant matter ought to be gathered without harming the plant.

  Raw veganism - a diet of uncooked vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts.

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